“from Inuyasha - aww in chibi form x3 cuute haha xD”
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SO BEAUTIFUL! Laughing out loud

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i luv Inuyasha so diz pic iz really cute 2 me.

Jessica <3

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aww ^^

awaw how cuteeee ^^/

God's busy, may I help you ;D

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sooooooo amazing its

sooooooo amazing its beautiful !_!

lets get these two hearts beating faster

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hahaaaaa I love the

hahaaaaa I love the expression I faved and 5ed

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Wonderful draw

Wonderful draw Big smile

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Really cute

She is so cute, I love her little face and hands and the colors are great..well done. Smile Five stars

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hahaha thanks! Inuyasha's a boy but thanks that just made me day xDD hahahahaha he just has really long hair x3

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