... IRON MAN ...

“Hello people. 7 hours of work. background: I paint the background with the airbrush. The lights are painted with the airbrush in ad mode. on a new layer with brush and gray color, i painted the color base of the figure. in another layer, with the brush and opacity to 25 %. I painted the details of the figure. The ligths with the airbrush in ad mode. Thanks for your comments. Pd: sorry but my English is not very good, je je ”
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Thanks all for the comments

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wow wow wowww

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Fantastic work!

Great modelling and top detail!

Five stars

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A masterpiece!

Five stars Five stars


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Oh My Gosh!!!!!!!!!

This is so flippen GOOD! You Rock!

Selle77 Sexy: Sexy: Sexy: Sexy: Sexy: Sexy: Sexy: Sexy:


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This is UNREAL, for a 7 hour work I think this is unbelievable, I know you planned this (your description Tongue) but even for a planned drawing, this is AMAZING 5\5 God-Like...

People like you, are amazing. you are always surprising me, because I look at your draws from past time and I think it's a masterpiece and then I think this is the limit, that you can't get above this perfection in any way... and then you break that limit and make something amazing just like this. that just makes me sit in shock in front of the computer screen...

This is amazing, you are amazing and best thing is, that you will continue to amaze because you are an ever advancing artist...

Thank you for expanding my imagination and breaking it's limits!

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you are god! XDD! i love it!

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Holy Crap Bat... I mean Iron Man

First time stuck for words...... don't even know what to say... this is wild! 5 x 5 x 5 x 5 x 5 stars

Forgive the picture, but embrace the creation.

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this is amazing!!!

Five stars Five stars

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Where do you learn these

Where do you learn these skills, I'm amazed.