“The self image is alway different from the real.”
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So cool!

I alway love your strokes. Very impressive. Super fine and super five!!

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Well if it is you, let me

Well if it is you, let me know. Cause in that case, you look very sad :/ But hey, it's a stunning portrait and very emotional (i like emotional a lot) (:

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love it

love it

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I like ur

I like ur stroke.Impressive.Do more works

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Five stars i could see at least who is one of the best artists in queeky! yay! Laughing out loud

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I dont know!

maybe.. Smile

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is that me

A very impressive portrait, I watched the playback too!

Yes interesting....The self image is always different from the real....How we see ourselves is not always how others may see us! I wonder is this you. Amazing work. 5stars

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Maybe different, but this one

Maybe different, but this one is a very expressive portrait, I watched the playback and I am very impressed. The colours make this face live, speak...

By the way, he(or you?) looks very good, interesting!