Itachis Jutsu

“Susanoo, it was orginally red, but I thought the form of a tempest god would be blue, Uchiha Itachis most powerful jutsu”
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nya! i love him!! that had to be one of the greatest moments of Itachi Uchiha! \(0-0)/ *cries* oh my gods!! TToTT come back Itachi!!!! *sniffle sniffle* I AGREE WITH guyverunit! DRAW MORE!! =D

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best and worst scene

i loved Itachi in that scene. BUT I HATED IT WHEN HE GOES AND DIES!! *sniffle* Susanoo looks really good though!*has quickly recovered from loss of love*


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I knooowww

*cries with epic* It was so valiant and epic I cried so much and I was like: THERE! SASUKE YOU Oups! I HOPE YOU'RE HAPPY THAT YOU GOT WHAT yOU WANTED! but I truley bawled when madara reveiled the plot twist! Puzzled

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very good...more more

very good...more more MORE!!!!!!!!!

:)Create!!!!!!!! Greetings to the Elite. Smile

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i love this.

this is so awesome