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“Ready for your close up Mr D Mills....its da Wolf!!!”
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Just a thought!

Maybe its time for Queeky to add different levels of artistic skill....lets say doodles, professional, ammature...people could pick the level they want...or age related catagories...just a thought...what do you think?

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Not sure about that one

I kinda like to be able to blend in there somewhere between the not so good and the pretty good ones... The great ones well..You would shine ernie Big smile

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That's an idea...

but just how to go about it. I am glad that I am not a site administrator because of the great lack of my technical ability. The only problem I could foresee with that, there are some artists that feel they are professional but then in reality they are not. Or some that do not feel their work is worthwhile of being in the professional category that should very well be there. Or the same with any category. Just who would decide where the work would go? Your ideas are something to definitely think about.

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Snap ...

... no not the wolllf biting my head off ... I was pondering the same thing - maybe a topic for a poll?

There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it. Edith Wharton

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Great Wolf

Yeeoooowwwwww, where's little red riding hood ha ha... A face only a mother could love. What a great wolf and I love all of the colors and those huge scary eyes and teeth... Super great drawing ernie...I always enjoy your drawings Smile Five stars

I appreciate your attitude ernie, I personally don't always post everything I do. I won't go into all of the why's other than it seems the standards have become a bit high and unless your a pro or a natural you are invisible. I don't say that for myself but for the young artists and people who just like to draw or doodle and would love to fit in...some begin to feel like second class artists and many leave since they don't feel they can fit in which is really sad. They see the same artists being shown one after another and I don't mean to say those artists shouldn't be shown because there are some wonderful artists on here with great natural talent who deserve to shine (like you for instance)...They just feel that they could never reach the level of some on here and so they give up... It's a great place to learn but it doesn't feel much like that lately, it feels at times more like a competition of the best, a contest to see who can get the most ratings etc... Art to me is anything that comes from one's hands to the canvas and enjoy what they are doing and willing to share with others for the joy of it. Even the best continue to learn and work to improve.

It's just my opinion and hey I've been known to be wrong once or twice in my life LOL so maybe I am not seeing things clearly on here. I just know that to me no matter how well one draws or what tools they use or don't use or how old or young they are they should still be openly and warmly welcomed and treated equally and Kudos to those who do that. Dang...get me off the soap box LOL... I guess things have just been bugging me lately, sorry I used your post to vent ernie... Smile

I hope I don't offend anyone, that is not my intent here...Maybe I just see things differently than others do and expect too much...I don't know...I do know that to some it means so much to be noticed, to hear something nice and to see their drawings being recognized even if they don't meet the standards of someone highly talented. It could make the difference between someone hanging in there long enough to improve by practicing and learning from others or someone giving up totally, feeling discouraged and not worthy which would be a shame...Please anyone feel free to correct me if I am wrong in my thinking here.. Just sharing my thoughts. Smile ok I'll shut up now LOL

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Susie beat me to it ...

... but I agree with what you are saying too. Everyone learns differently ... for me seeing great and technically competent drawing is a nudge to find out how that was achieved but for many it is, as you indicate a demotivator.

What I have come to realise over the past couple of weeks is I was getting into a rut of 5 stars and faving as well as commenting - I don't mean that the recognition I have given to date is untrue, but there is little distinction between what I rate because it is technically good and what I rate because I really like it.

If I may use the wolf to illustrate - I love Ernie's work and his style - I truly appreciate Ernie as the artist he is BUT I actually don't much like this particular picture (although there is some purple in there!)... so how do I rate that compared to say BlueRain's landscape of a bird flying into the sunset - a picture which I really like, from a young artist, who I know from conversation was agonising over his ability but who is wanting to learn I am using that comparative because I watched the excitement as that picture got more and more comments and rates ... it meant a lot to Beau.

I haven't resolved for myself just how I overcome my rating dilemma - it might be I have to start rating different aspects and working out an aggregate score - so you might see comments but less rates until I do.

My favourites folder is starting to bulge at the seams with so many pictures and can they all really be favourites?

And then there are comments - what we say can do so much good or so much harm ... and it can also indicate that we haven't really thought about what we are saying because it isn't personalised to the picture we are commenting on.

I have learned so much from the Queeky community members in a short space of time and I just hope I can contribute that back to encouraging others. My reason for painting here is that I can relax while I am painting and having a gallery allows me to go back and look to see if I am improving; publishing the work in a gallery is an important factor because I have to decide at what point I am satisfied enough to share it.

There is another side to all this though; if people come to Queeky expecting to be the centre of attention and getting high rates from day one than they are probably doing it for the wrong reasons to start with. What I would say to all those would be young artists is join in the community, comment and rate other peoples work when you feel moved to do so and ASK how particular things have been done and keep asking if you don't understand ... most of us are happy to share ideas and techniques.

There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it. Edith Wharton

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You are SO right....

I have been trying to act on that for the three years I have been here. Love Wungu and I just had the same type of conversation the other day. I think that all artists need to be recognized and encouraged. That is the main reason I am so happy to be a part of an online community such as this. It gives me the opportunity not only to learn from others but to see budding new artists that want to be recognized. It is so nice to hear from you Marilyn. Kudos to you too for putting this message out there for all members to see. Hugs and Hope you are doing Great!

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I feel great....

when you guys comment me. Those comments keep me drawing like CRAZYYYYY. XDDD I'm so addicted to 5 months since I started here. I have 24 DVD movies waiting for me since 5 months ago. I haven't touched it yet because I keep on drawing and drawing. XDDD

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You should

You are very good at it and have a wonderful gallery so far..keep it up... Smile

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I will hold you to that Kute! Smile