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“Ready for your close up Mr D Mills....its da Wolf!!!”
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Scary.... :D

Nice details, nice colors, and a nice expression well a scary one but still very good.


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Thank's Kute!

No thats ok Kute, i'm not worried about it, like you say its all about enjoying the draw that you do!...i have so far been getting used to the tools of queeky and most of my draws are experiments to see what i can get out of queeky's amazing drawing having said this i am going to try and produce a better standard , not for others you understand but for myself...thats my new years resolution for X

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I am sure you will...

and I might have to try to live up to that standard too. I noticed since I fixed my monitor resoultion I can see my drawings and what I am drawing so much better. I think my skin tones have improved a little thanks to you and I am continually trying to reach a new high. But maybe we can do it together this year Ernie!

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*eavesdrop* Laughing out loud

There're many times that the recent pics hadn't shown on the homepage, even though I have already deleted the internet catche. I have to click the recent button at the bottom of the page instead.

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Might have to try that..

I noticed that too. Never thought about the recent button. Thanks. Sometimes I am an idiot! Ha Ha!

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No, you're not. *waving left hand*

Ernie, you're great no matter what.

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Ha! Ha!...Scary!

Sorry!... seems like i scared most of the votes, anyhow thank you for those who did comment its nice to get some feed back, happy drawing everyone!

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Comments and ratings...

have been lacking lately Ernie. I have no clue why, this is incredible and should be on the upcoming drawings. I've had the same problem a lot lately most of mine never even show there anymore. Oh well...I draw because I love to. I can see all of the love in your drawings too so guess that's what matters the most. I appreciate you! LOL

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Big smile

Have a wonderful day!