“I love Jack! (If I was going to submit to iTunes I thought it better look like it nearly killed me...ref used, of course...less pain. :P)”
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Amazing portrait of Jack Black

I´m a fan of his movies. Just the last night,I had fun watching Shallow Hal!!!

Is a very good job, full of detail and his expression is awesome!!!

Five stars Five stars Five stars Five stars Five stars Cool

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Thanks, demian!

(*blush*...that coming from the portrait master himself is a great honour..) Shallow Hal! Yeah, yeah! Loved Gwyneth in that one! Smile

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Great likness, great

Great likness, great expression, a fantastic portrait, my congratulations, dear Mannamanna!

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Thanks, ploiesteana!

With such great comments...I promise not to draw lacklustre paintings ever again...*fingers crossed* Innocent Wink

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Great !! Lots of work !!

School of rock is one of my favorite of the goofy catagory of movies

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Thanks, viridian!

Ditto...Nacho Libre, a close second...watched both a thousand times...nah...maybe 4 or 5 times... Laughing out loud

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Yeah Its Jack Black! It Looks Just Like Him! THis Is Awesome!!!!!!!


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Thanks, anthony!

Your paintings are awesome, too...considering you're a lot....I mean...a little younger than me. Wink Smile

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This is amazing! How did you do it? ;o

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Thanks, Graphica!

You know what? I didn't know I could do this until I actually tried it...well, digitally anyway... Smile

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