Je veux Horreur

“trying something new but its not working out for me :P”
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Bonjour. Et Ce Bon!

lol, very great picture love it. and keep up the great work. Laughing out loud

Behold the Emo Kid who is....

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: (

Sexy: Love Shock Smile Big smile Big smile Wink Stare Tongue Stare Sad Puzzled Sad( Cool Steve Crazy Glasses Party Oups :Cool Innocent Sexy Angry Sick Tired Santa Mail Sushi Hat Grade Ghost Cash Crown Davie Drunk >) Beer Star Arrow Quest Exclamation Mark Five stars IS VERY GOOD I LIKEIT..

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Five stars Crown wow you're a pro at using this thing!!!!! im still learning but you have it down to a science!!! great drawing!!!

samantha campos

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cool <3

i like it. Big smile

HoNk! HoNk! Hi!

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Another great draw from you,

Another great draw from you, but oops! looks like her hair is on fire! Five stars

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I love seeing new things, and that is the only way to find what you like right? keep it up and please blow that candle out before it burns her hair Smile Five stars Wonderful draw

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Hair on fire...

is scary enough to me! Five stars for you for daring, my friend. Five stars Keep at it.


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U success on your every tries, that don't call try. And it looks good, keep on, trying will improve your skill.

Five for your trying, my friend! Wink

Drawing is about studying yourself and your target.

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Beautiful !

is a beautiful and delicate work

Five stars

Have a nice day !

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