by vig

jeff buckley

“late musician”
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ploiesteana's picture

A very impressive draw! The details are so attentive done, 10!

janessa's picture
love this!!!!

i had to watch how you did this.... and needless to say it was great at every stage!!!!

wonderful draw!

pppman's picture

good expression.

Drawing is about studying yourself and your target.

spring's picture
jeff buckley

Wow! Amazing! the detail, the sexy look! This draw sparkles! 10

randomperv's picture

HOLY MOTHER. You amaze me yet again. The sparkle on the microphone LOL I love watching the process too. The skin tones are so awesome. 10/10

kutedymples's picture

The shirt is awesome, the detailing you always add to your pictures is intriguing as well as the lighting. Great job!

rowemartyn's picture
Jeff Buckley

Do your have a team of artists working on fine portraits for you? well done