Jennifer Tilley

“My favorite poker player”
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Jennifer Tilley

That's a winning expression on her face! A fantastic draw Kute, such lovely work the details are great, love the butterfly ring on her finger! 5stars

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As always...

i like that background and those lights..... her expressions are great .... nice hair..... ohh i need to type a lot as a comment so IN SHORT

"You are Simply awesome..."

Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile

łøvє Bєgiиs wiŧЋ α sмiłє, Gяøws wiŧЋ α кiss αиd єиds wiŧЋ α ŧєαяdяøρ

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Is that

U! Hmmm... Looks like you will win the game. Wink

Drawing is about studying yourself and your target.

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Jen Tilley

Wow girl! Look at you go!! Prime piece!!!!

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You've captured an

You've captured an interesting expression on her face, very good, Kute! I hope you'll winn the big prize!

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*Gasp!* That is AMAZING! I love her facial expression! Smile Great Job Kutedymples! "5 stars" Laughing out loud