john lennon

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John Lennon

I have some constructive criticism for your John Lennon picture. I only notice these details because I am a die-heart John Lennon fan. If you check out a picture of him, you'll notice his hair is both darker and longer then as it's portrayed here. He also has more bangs in the front. By all means PLEASE take this as constructive criticism and not as an insult to your masterpiece. Your face tones are excellent!!!

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John Lennon

Absolutely amazing! 10*

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Martyn, this is a very, very good portrait! Attentive to all details, fine coloured, I like it very, very much.

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you're fantastic martyn! thank you so much again. amazing draw 10!

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Great job on his likeness! Like how you kept this soft too.

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my favourite beatle,you have drawn him beautifully.10

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It was beyond imagination that u could draw John so beautifully.The popular track "Imagine all the people in the world....:" is my fav.

Thank u.

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John Lennon

this is great! And timely too since his birthday was Oct. 9.

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really john lennon...great draw!!