Josh Groban

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u dont know me but... u truly have a gift when it comes to art it would be a shame and a crime not to make the most of it, if u dont already have a career in something to do with art or design, pursue one! You could be big man, realllll big!!! best wishes Smile

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i'm speechless

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I want to thank you all for viewing my picture I was able to get enuff that it made it in to the top views thanks a tun Smile

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all right, western music Wink

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try looking up his name on google Smile

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who the f*** is josh corban?

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one view more by me Wink

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I just want to say thank you for all of your views on this picture I am eleven away for getting this picture on the most viewed.

If there is eleven people out there who want to look at this picture I would be much real cool.

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ok matt, just because I drew a picture of him DOSE NOT MEAN I LIKE HIM!!!!!

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thanks for your last i coul manage to loging , its fine to have the draws open to work on them at any time...your pics are often on tops