Just follow my way

“They got no eyes no ears But just a big mouth and lots of money”
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it's a Gentleman!

You must be a fan of Buffy!

That was a terribly creepy episode. What was the name? HUSH?

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this is incredible :D

kinda creepy but RRRREEEAALLY good!!!! :] great job :] keep it up!

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I agree...

Most of the comments here are exactly what I was thinking as I looked at this picture. But he looks so happy, or is that an evil smile on his face? LOL You certainly do have an awesome imagination.

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Poor creatures! But what a draw!

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just follow my way

his way or no way!! Smile He may have all the money! but no eyes to see the beauty of art no ears to listen to the birds that sing! Smile) Another great draw and great imagination. 10

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Your ideas are unbelievable!!! Very great!

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damn style

really nice!!

remembers me to the good old chaos overlord- game10

:)Create!!!!!!!! Greetings to the Elite. Smile

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wow tats creepy...

creepy but interesting, good job!