kang 2

“ I worked on this a bit more so i uploaded this version and deleted the old one, but thank you for your previous comments :D ”
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SO REALISTIC! BEAUTIFUL! Laughing out loud Five stars Five stars Five stars Five stars Five stars AND MANY MORE STARS..

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Kang 2

I love how you modeled her cheekbone, and the mixture of colors you used for her skin tone!


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Thanks Ppman, i'm glad

Thanks Ppman, i'm glad someone like the change! i was starting to regret my decision....especially because my twin told me she preferred the other version and told me i was silly to delete it -_-

oh and thanks so much Hakan for the tip. i had no clue how to do it, but know i do ^^

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the clothing looks much detail than the previous one.

You 're right looks much better after you enhance more. Beer

Drawing is about studying yourself and your target.

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hi pepii2 !

when you save your picture, if you wanna don't lose your all comments and votes, you shouldn't select "save as copy".