Keep it secret

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keep it secret

He looks a little worried about keeping this secret! Aww now what was that secret again? humm I think I've forgot it already! oops! Wink Love the look on his little face and the hat too. Great colours, character and draw. Five stars

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this is AMAZING! love your

this is AMAZING! love your style!!! *tries to learn by watching* 0_0

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U are Welcome

N hoopes I can bring U something. Thanks! Laughing out loud

Drawing is about studying yourself and your target.

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Vivid imagination and

Vivid imagination and fantasy!

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Keep it secret

Oops, looks like he forgot Smile Such a cute little guy and you sure come up with some unique hats and clothes, they are really great. Well done pppman Smile Five stars

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Ahh it's like one of those childish faces: I PROMISE I WONT TELL ANYONE! Tongue

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