“By doing and watching a lot of people participating for the dragons I did on my latest raffle, I wanted to make some more for the first Batch of point adoptables and my own one. I was having a hard time thinking of my own Driplet dragon (The name of these left over liquidy dragons cx) So I went on to make some adoptables for my 1st Batch. I came up with types of them until my lil brother came in and told me about doing a Hot chocolate one for the adoptables. Immediately I wanted that to be my own Driplet Dragon! So here he is. Kermy the Hot Chocolate Driplet Dragon. Now he is one of my characters! -What are Driplet dragons?-These cute adorable dragons are fun to draw and make up, they are land lovers, so not flyers. Every type haves their own type of liquid or item coming from their paws. Any time their paws or tail (Rare ones) contact with the ground, a liquid or objects will appear. There could be chocolate, soap, mud , or even flowers! Their markings and colors always depends on what type of object or liquid they are. They are CLOSED species by me. Ways to get them-By my free entry raffles every Raikend (One happening right now)-Custom costs $1 or 80 points on Deviantart -Adoptable Batches (Coming soon)-Or just offer for a custom. (It will be kinda hard to persuade me) Credit of Character goes to my lil Broh!”
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Thanks Jay!! ^^

Shall the cookies be with you

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Omg that cute little face!

Omg that cute little face! Really cool Blackblaze!!

Inactive but this website still rocks