“Just a pic I saw and wanted to draw :)”
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This is really so superlative Smile

Have a wonderful day!

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and so real, I watched these eyes in here(Egypt) many times..


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WoW! This is Wonderful

WoW! This is Wonderful Marilyn, you have captured so much emotion in their faces. Excellent draw. Five stars

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Very good!

Five stars


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so powerful

an honest painting, your paintings are always special, but this painting has such raw emotion and so beautifully done with care to the technique but nowhere do you see technique... just beauty. Thank you for sharing Marilens ... 5 stars plus a universe of sparklies.

Forgive the picture, but embrace the creation.

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why....... I haven't seen this !

gorgeous, realistic, well done details

love the colors

Marilyn style Grade Wink

Life is the art of drawing without an eraser.

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Hi Phil, if you are reading this...i have noticed that this picture has not reached the up and coming draws on this site!


This is a great piece of artwork and deserves to be there...its had quite a lot of votes and views....maybe you have missed this one, so i'm bringing it to your attention...

Thanks PH.

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I came on here today and the first thing I read was a message from ph explaining that my pic was in the upcoming section and why it was not on the main page and I'm thinking what the heck? I don't remember saying anything to ph about this...I then scrolled down and saw what Kute had written explaining maybe why and I am still scratching my head wondering what the heck? until I scrolled down and saw what ernie had written to ph and my face lit up with a huge smile saying the words..eerrrniieeee. That was such a kind and thoughtful thing to do in writing ph about it in case it was done in error.

PH is right in that I had started this one sometime back but life got in the way of finishing until just recently.Thank you ph for taking the time to explain this, it makes sense to me. I only wish I could save my drawings to my computer but it won't let me, maybe because I use firefox? not sure but when I try to save it my only options are...filename:queeky_pic and then... Save as type: All files. When I try this it saves as a blank pic. so I am pretty stuck.

That was such a kind act of caring towards a fellow queeky family member and a great example for us all to follow. Your the greatest Ernie and I still can't wipe that silly smile off of my face Big smile You really made my day. It meant so much to me because today you just don't see many people helping another out without expecting something in return and you did it just to be kind.

Thank you too Kute for your kind words and support, that was very sweet of you. I can honestly say that here at queeky I have found some of the sweetest most kind hearted people and it just feels good to be here. Thank you Ernie, you are such a sweetheart... Hugs to you Ernie and to all xx

Of course you all know that Ernie is this big, muscular rouged kind of guy...

(didn't want to ruin your manly image by calling you sweet LOL) JK Big smile

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Of course this pic IS in the upcoming section:

yea, kute is right: pics go there automatically when a pic has at least 5 votes.

I guess Marilens created the first version of this pic a longer time ago, and the pics in upcoming section are sorted by post date (date of first time a pic was saved to Queeky account).

Thats why it is placed on page 5

So if you start on a drawing, and will finish it some days/weeks later, save the pic in progress to your comp using "File->Save to my Computer". When the pic is finished, publish to Queeky and it will arise on a place more at the front of the upcoming section.

It would be possible to sort pics in this section not by pubsh date, but by updated date. But in this way, it would be possible to "cheat" in this section by updating the pic every day ... which would be unfair to all new upcoming artworks.

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I agree. I don't think Phil has anything to do with moving the pictures though. I think it is something in the drawing program that does it automatically. And yes this should be in the upcoming drawings if not the top drawings.