by z22

King return

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simply outstanding work!!

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Just gorgeous. I love the

Just gorgeous. I love the way you use light.

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Its So Amazing>>>>>>>>>> Took

Its So Amazing>>>>>>>>>> Took a while didnt it


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no words for this great picture... Smile *****

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AMAZAZINGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^0^ *.* 0o0

<3 DeStRuCtIvE Tongue

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I like your great Beautiful

Five stars

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I bow-ith down to you and many many many many others. This... ROCKS!!!! Even the dragon is extrodinary, it's not just that it's well drawn but every line adds character.

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imagination here

wow I can't process how you made up a scene like this.... It tells me a story.


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Simply Amazing

This draw is amazing, what's more amazing is to see the process the draw was going through... very pleasant to the eye and soul.

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its so beautiful.

do you want to make a world of warcraft drawing?