Sakura Kinomoto

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ok so hears the deal you come

ok so hears the deal you come to my house and teach me everything you know! can you do that? JK


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CuTe (^_^)

kero looks cute too !


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i cant belive u drew

i cant belive u drew something from cardcaptors i love that manga

Zena Moore

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At first when I watched the replay and you made the eyes that far apart I was like "Noooooonononoooooo" And then I watched it all the way through and it turned out GREAT! Glad you have better skills than me >.< I'm not very talented.

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kawaii >.< love her!

kawaii >.< love her! amount of potential is anything without enthusiasm...

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loving them!

Just wanted to say that I LOVE your draws! You are fantastic! Smile

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Muy bueno!!

M encantan los ojos!! Smile

Buen dibujo Five stars

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muy lindo

muy lindo

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Cardcaptors I used to love

Cardcaptors I used to love that movie as a kid XD I like how the guardian is right by her X3

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Sakura Kinomoto

~~~...kawaii..she's so cute...~~~