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im srry, but i wont be able

im srry, but i wont be able to finish it

the new program is confusing me. :/

hello person with a face
would you like sipa' tea?

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I will

be back to see it finished but I like very much what I see. I like how you have him leaning against the wall and his stuffing coming out..poor little guy has been loved to pieces LOL great job..

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korn w00t

im in a band inspired by korn what a great band cant wait for the finished product

So.... whats to your left?


On my right however, is a plate of warm, freshly baked cookies.
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lol i love this band

Five stars >) Big smile

HoNk! HoNk! Hi!

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Nice idea to do an album cover. Especially from such an awesome band. horns up!