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A really fire explosion, it's

A really fire explosion, it's terrific, beautiful red tones and also a dramatic feeling!

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Thank for having a peek

Thank for having a peek Ploiesteana Smile

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I really loved this

I really loved this picture.this picture is look like an original.the editing work of the video is super.thanks a lot for including this article.i am very happy to watch this video.its really super.

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correction....the number of

correction....the number of people that perished was 36,000 and not 63,000 as stated my mistake Smile

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Hey there Chr...where is

Hey there Chr...where is Krakatoa ? Mount Etna in Italy had been erupting recently too...quite a colorful display...would not want to live next to though...Smile

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Hi MBM.Krakatoa blew it's top

Hi MBM.Krakatoa blew it's top on 26th Aug.1883, killed 63,000 ppl and the explosions could be heard 3,000 miles away, the island literally blew itself out of the water, it is called Indonesia today. It triggered tsunamis all over the world and the world temperature dropped 1.5 degrees for 5 years.....True story Smile

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Horrific...thanks for the

Horrific...thanks for the info Chr...very sad; so many lives...