Lady Ga Ga

“Never heard her music, but think her name is quite odd along with her look.”
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wow amazing portrait!!!

wow amazing portrait!!!

tbh no

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oh la la ga ga lovin it

oh la la ga ga lovin it

It's time to try defying gravity

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Wow! This is an amazing

Wow! This is an amazing portrait!! Your awsome! 5 stars! Laughing out loud


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I appreciate your comments on this. I am not one that is actually into her or her music. I do think she is quite bizarre as well. Just an interesting subject to draw.

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Everyone is into her now a days lol? I like a few of her songs but she is very bizzare O_o

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lady gaga!!!

you captured her personality on this draw! very good!!

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By the sounds of things it sounds like someone needs to capture her personality and lock it up. Ha Ha! Thank you for your comment too!

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I honestly hate this woman, but you made her look good! nice colors, and good pose! you (like the others said) "captured her dramatic look"

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Ha Ha...

I didn't really know much about her until I did this drawing and since I have googled her and I found out I don't much care for her works either. Thanks for the comment though, I just liked the hat when I see the picture so I wanted to draw it. Big smile

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drawing! Perfect details n great skin tone! Very well done! Smile FIVE STARS