by GYD

Lady Knight

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Awesome! I really love your scenery and I like how you showed the lighting on the armor and clothes:)

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Thanks! Yep, that was the

Thanks! Smile Yep, that was the tricky part.

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Hi ! This looks wonderful! The design of the lady knight's outfit is cool. Smile

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Thank you!

Thank you! Smile

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I like the way that it has

I like the way that it has armor and a dress in one outfit, but it still looks very natural. And the metal on the armor looks very real, as well as the foliage.

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I've looked how you've done

I've looked how you've done the leaves and especially how interesting you've solved the problem of the light on her dress, a good idea to use first time white and than the gray nuances!

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Thank you

Thank you Smile

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Excellent painting GYD full

Excellent painting GYD full of atmosphere from ye olde England and the background is well done too....well done

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Thanks, CHR

Thanks, CHR