“i felt that orange was the colour of the day”
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LOVE YOUR ORANGE MOOD..I'M IN SAME MOOD..LOL.. Laughing out loud Laughing out loud ..


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ohh..now I'm confused...Green

ohh..now I'm confused...Green olive or orange? Smile))...thanks ha55ha

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

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Outstanding use of colors!

Big smile 5 stars

I came, I saw, I conquered~

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Epic movie, I should draw bruce willis now XP

lol this is awesome, captures her so well Smile


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Hi hi! that would be just

Hi hi! that would be just great and she won't feel lonely! Tongue

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

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k I will ;D


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Beautiful! The colors and the shade are so beautiful. The strokes are marvelous as always.

Feel the orange! That's great! Laughing out loud

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after readin' your comment,

after readin' your comment, I'm in the mood to take advantage of orange again:D

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

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That's great!

There'll be more great orange! And I'd love to eat some orange now.....and feeling the green olive..... But there's no olive here. XD