by KO


“Reference used, done in about thirty minutes, loved it :) *not traced”
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You did this in 30 minutes? o:

It would have taken me 3 hours, haha. (:

Very nice, faved.


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aw lol :)

hehe, thank you, I've always been really fast Laughing out loud

thank you for the fave Smile


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very nice legs..

nice work.... Five stars Five stars


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Thank you

Thank you! so much Smile


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Well done! nice use of

Well done! nice use of colours. Smile

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Thank you Flippo Laughing out loud


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So beautiful!!!! brilliant

So beautiful!!!! Laughing out loud brilliant draw! I have always tried to draw humans but there legs turn out to be horse legs XD

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Thank you.

Thank you, lol, Horse legs huh? very nice, sounds like a good thing to me ;P


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Fantastic,great lighting

Fantastic,great lighting Cool

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Thank you

Thank you, I loved the photo Laughing out loud