Rebecca's Miniature Schnauzer

“This is just one of my Daughter Rebecca's beautiful Schnauzers. She breeds and sells them. I fell in love with the color of this one. She calls her Lemon.”
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Soooooo perfect!!!!

Really Gooood!! Smile Shock

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I think I am quite late

I think I am quite late here, I missed your works .amazing.

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soooooooo cute

sooooooo cute i have a pet mincher Schnauzer not a Schnauzer but similar but sooooooooooo cute! Big smile Five stars

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I happened to have missed

I happened to have missed this draw Sad ... this is so adorable ... to share a secret my pet name is Bonnie !! Well, I am not as cute and fluffy as your pet, I bet Wink Wink Tongue !!

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This is my daughters miniature schnauzer, I have one too but mine is older (she is 8 years old) and she is a different color than this one. Mine is silver, dark gray and white. My miniature schnauzer is about 8 lbs and her name is Bonnie too. Thanks for your nice comment on this too. Laughing out loud

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He looks so cute and fluffy..

He looks so cute and fluffy.. really great ^^

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Oh, dear Kute, "Cute" is its

Oh, dear Kute, "Cute" is its name, adorable and so well done, bravo!

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OMG!!! Too wonderful and

OMG!!! Too wonderful and adorable!!

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this is really a great

this is really a great drawing! Five stars the first time i voted i must have accidentally clicked the 1 star vote, i feel so bad! i really like it!!!!

team Haymitch! woot

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Thank you!

So nice of you to come back and change your vote. I have done the same before too but knowing you can always change it is a great thing. Thanks again!