Lightningstreak, my amazing anthro cat!

“Alright guys i would love to introduce you to my newest O.C, Lighntingstreak! She is an anthro cat, and she loves red. She also loves hoodies, and food. Shes an amazingly nice and funny person, and she loves EVERYONE! Everyone is her friend, even if they dont like her. She has a fox-like tail, and she loves to sing. If you ever have problems, this cutie will help! she loves cry and pewdiepie, and shes ready to hug the crap out of everyone! ((Ok.. The lineart i used for it goes to the rightful owners. i take full credit for the character idea, and lightningstreak is owned by me. I only colored.. i suck at drawing anthro so lightning WILL be all linearts until i get a better tablet... o3o))”
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