Lion Tamer

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I like your work here, good

I like your work here, good choice of colors, the highlights and shading is really well done!

as for the lion tamer he ----PLAYS---- with those lions which shows his trust in them... that level of trust gained the lion's trust... it's that trust and a good knowledge of lion behavior (he worked there for years....) that gave him the nickname "Lion Tamer"... I say it because I know that if I were to switch places with him for one day, I would get eaten... they will instantly recognize my body language is different and that I don't trust them... which in turn cancels their trust in me and they will soon kill me... it's not only his smell they trust... it's that whole "I do not wish to hurt you and I trust you" Aura he projects to the lions... and the lions see that... that's pretty amazing. I think he tamed HIMSELF to be near the lions and not the opposite.

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Thank you for your comment

Thank you for your comment and analysis! In wildlife (the name says almost all) aggressive behavior may be "asleep" using techniques of trust and obedience but dramatic end with several examples tell us that everything could collapse from one moment to another. This case was reported in the world, the Tigers were created at home from babies :

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I have seen a document of a

I have seen a document of a man, who lived with bears. He finally went to the bears with his girl friend and bears eat both of them. He filmed a diary of his life. Finally his friends went there and found what had happened. But it was his life. Happy times for you.


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Pirjo, I also remember this

Pirjo, I also remember this story when I find I'll post it here. thank you.

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Found it! Timothy Treadwell

Found it! Timothy Treadwell ... in the final video is well known that Tim thought it was a God in the bear territory ... came to know later that fatally with Nature is not mocked!

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thank you, he is the man.

thank you, he is the man. Finnish TV showed a long document of his life. It was really interesting, maybe you have seen it,too. Thanks for finding.


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Pirjo Yes! This documentary

Pirjo Yes! This documentary was also broadcast on television here! A good week for you.

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It was made by Werner

It was made by Werner Hertzog, remember now. A very good week for you,too.


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Lion Tamer...

The video was quite interesting as well as the picture itself. I would be so scared to do what that man does. The temperament of the animals is so unreliable that at any time they could attack. There has been many people injured severely or killed doing this sort of thing. I wish him all of the luck in the world as he will need it if he keeps up what he is doing. I am a big fan of your work and it is always good to see more from you. Laughing out loud Also, thanks for sharing the link I may draw one of the screen shots from the video that I saved. Wink

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I completely agree with your

I completely agree with your analysis! At any time natural instincts may arise and then it's too late ... ! Thanks for everything!