Little Girl by W.A. Bouguereau

“Original painting by William Adolphe Bougueraeu (1825-1905) was a French academic painter. You can see his biography here : . Let's see the original painting here : .Original title is "Little Girl Holding Apples In Her Hands" or "Petite fille des Pommes Dles Tenant Mains". I drew her just to give my contribution to the new category at Queeky "Art History". I'm happy with this category, because we can learn a lot about the famous paintings in history. I hope you like it,,;)”
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this is amazing, beautiful

this is amazing, beautiful draw ,largely seems Like the original painting.. Laughing out loud

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potrait there Tamimapple ... your gallery speaks for your talents! Kudos! Star Star Star Star Star

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This is a real painting,

This is a real painting, bravo, Tami, you've done a fantastic work!!!

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Beutiful work!!

is an excellent drawing Five stars

Have a nice day Tami

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thank you friends

-Ha55ha: I am also happy with with my drawing .. I'm glad you like it ^ ^ .. my first contribution to the new category "Art History" ..Wink

-Betty: thanks Laughing out loud

-Kutedymples: aww .. this is really like oil painting? .. I'm happy now ..Laughing out loud

-Sketchpad: thank you friend .. glad you love it ..Smile

-Danila: thank you so much .. I appreciate it ..Wink

-Dervish: Me too .. i love the old masters;). Thanks for nice comment ..: D

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William Adolphe Bougueraeu

great work, I love the old masters!

Very well done, it's a great tribute to William.

Thanks for sharing!

Five stars


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great one

Beer Beer Beer


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So beautiful...

I love this! It is so very beautiful and you have done such a wonderful job on it. It does look just like an oil painting!

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very nice

work Tamimaple