Little Puppy

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wonderful... Love Love


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gorgeous,so realistic,cute

gorgeous,so realistic,cute buppy..

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puppy, betty! Those eyes! It's like, any second now it's going to look right at me... Wink Five stars Five stars

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So adorable!

What an adorable puppy! His nose and eyes are drawing me right to them they are so beautifully done. The whole draw is fantastic though! Love Love Love

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Thank you

for your lovely comment, Kutedymples Laughing out loud

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Graet drawing

Chocolate Lab?

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just so

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what a lovely puppy !great texture .the eyes are fantastic !! Laughing out loud i want to pet a puppy like this Wink

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thank you artfreaksue

and MysticalUnicornFart

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O.o he looks so real.

O.o he looks so real. Beautiful puppy, Betty =}