lol moar snesly

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flower power guy

looks pretty cool!

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this is so nice and hippie feeling..i really like it..

Smile your writing is cool

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lol moar snesly ****10*****

a funny and good draw! Smile)

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colorful funny draw plus the song. ran i like your sense of humor. ;-P

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Funny, funny and nice!

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yes moar snesly...

Song can be found at songstowearpantsto . com


he travels the globe collecting colors

stealing them from some things and giving them to others

blue flamingos and burgundy clouds

turquoise tangerines, lavender cows!

his name is snesly wipes, he rides the bus

he surfs cigarette smoke better than any of us

he makes golden hippos and silver toothpicks

and when he blows his nose, it makes wonderful music

ooh ooh, snesly wipes

snesly wipes, ooh ooh

he stores unused colors in his cufflinks

he's stolen some lovely ones from american soft drinks

his eyes are grey - that was his own choice

and he's always had a noticebly low-pitched voice

banana stickers on my suitcase, yeah

banana stickers on my suitcase, yeah

ooh ooh, snesly wipes

snesly wipes, ooh ooh

he once dated audrey hepburn

but she was eaten by a dragon fly

he couldn't save her

but got his revenge by giving the bug poop-colored eyes

he looks for the best combination

of coloring things other tones

now he hasn't found it yet

but all the sound he gets when he blows his nose keeps him going now

ooh ooh, snesly wipes

snesly wipes, ooh ooh