Long Stemmed Pink Rose

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This one is so beautiful

This one is so beautiful Laughing out loud

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lovely,lovely,lovely. Sweet

Five stars lovely,lovely,lovely. Sweet colours and nice detail.

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Very nice job.

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Thank you!

I really appreciate your comment. Thanks for taking the time to let me know how you like my rose. Also Welcome to Queeky! I hope you are learning the tools here and also to see a drawing from you soon. Hugs! Love

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ROSES ALWAYS SO DELICATE AND BEAUTIFUL!!! Five stars Five stars Five stars Five stars


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Thanks taneman!

It's always a nice surprise when you comment on my work. I have always been a fan of yours, I probably tell you too much. LOL But thanks and hugs to you! Love

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Thank you...

I guess I do like pink, seems all my roses are this color, or most of them anyway. Thanks everyone for your nice words on this. I need to get serious and draw something great though. LOL Love

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Amazing drawing and colours!I love roses! 5 stars Five stars and goes to my faves

=^.^= Meow!