by z22

look down

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Great work

Hey I love this drawing it's amazing,

I love the way you put all the detail into your drawing it's just wonderful.

I personally think and most probably everyone else thinks that you should join drawing competitions, maybe the drawing competitions on write4fun there is a really good chance that you can win.

but overall that is one amazing drwings, can't wait till your next drawing.

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Wow, what a work!

Wow, what a work!

Drowningfireflies's picture
Wonderful feet!

They're very realistic! Great drawing.

If making a difference was easy, there would be nothing different about it.

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WOW! this is simply beautiful! 5 stars!!

~ Take me to London, Honey. ~

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Clean feet.

Love those blood vessels.

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Agree with Dymps!.. they're

Agree with Dymps!.. they're beautiful. I think feet can hold as much beauty as hands can Smile

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Very nice...

I'd say these are near perfect feet! A lot of people think that feet are the ugliest part of ones body but there are some feet that are really beautiful. These are beautiful. The toes are all uniform, the nails well trimmed. As far as the drawing goes it is absolutely perfect, great shading and coloring. Really very nice drawing! Love Love Love