Lord Voldemort

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so realistic. nice

so realistic. nice


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I Love the Harry Potter Series! (not the movies much, but they're okay) this is such a great pic of voldie! good job!!!

Draw... in your maths book... in your english book, on the computer, at home, anywhere. Draw, because you will never get any good if you don't practice.

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This is great looking. Love the details..great job.. Smile Five stars

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great drawing

beautiful shadow too..


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Nice Shadow work

It really adds to the dark feeling of it.

Rebbecca Cormier

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Really good job

and I am totally creeped out by this.

Have a wonderful day!

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Very good likeness!

It's funny, I was going to draw him right after I drew Frodo but got sidetracked. I don't think I will attempt it after seeing yours! I love the deep shadows in this one, the reference for this is so cool and you really did it justice. Five stars

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Great lighting!

And he is so scary just like Lord Voldemort.