Lost In Stereo!

“first time using layers...and I messed up a lot XDDDDD I was using a tutorial, but I accidentally did something by mistake ^^ hope you like it anyways! Mini me (c) gonna use it as a my dA ID :P”
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lost in stereo

This is super you always put such great details and work into your draws, well done on this its Fantastic. 5 stars

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thank you very much C:

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Lost in stereo

Hey Gaby, you know how I feel about your draws, you would have to work pretty hard at convincing me that you did something wrong with this draw. This is wonderful...I love music of all kinds so this hits home with me. You did a great job...just remember, we don't know what you had intended to draw so we would not know a mistake unless you tell us so sshhhh lol....Keep up the great work...and this would be a great id Smile Five stars Keep at the tools, you will have them all figured out in no time. Wink

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thank you so much! >w< and thanks for the advice XD I'll remember to keep my mistakes a secret lol thanks a ton~! I appreciate the feedback/support you give me! Laughing out loud

btw could you tell me more about the other tools on here? OwO I just figured out what layers were the day I drew that drawing XD ^^;

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Nice work!

You might see where you messed up but I can't tell. It looks really good and I can tell you took your time and put a lot of work into this. Really Nice!

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thank you! >w<

really? O: thanks though! Laughing out loud I appreciate it ^^