Lovely Boy!

“My youngest son. It still needs more work, but my eyes are aching at the mo! ”
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What a cute boy! Adorable!

What a cute boy! Adorable! You must be a happy Mom, I think, with such a lovely son! A lovely boy, indeed!

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Lovely Boy!

Your youngest son is very cute..lovely blue eyes and blond hair...I too will check back to see it finished. At the moment go rest rest those eyes! Smile Great draw Royalmia Five stars

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Lovely Boy

What a precious little boy, you must be a very proud Mama. He is really adorable and I love that age. He has beautiful blue eyes and Blond hair, very nice...Will check back in to see it finished so rest your eyes for now lol. it does get tough sometimes on the ole eyes. Wonderful draw so far... Smile Five stars