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“YEEEEE im not done.”
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1 Variation


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Thank you so much. I'm new to

Thank you so much. I'm new to all these controls so I don't know what 99% of the other buttons do so thank you again!

Hi! My name is Ollie and I love Cats to the very end!!! Cat songs are my favorite!!! I also like anime more than I can say! Anime is amazing!!!!! All of you who say anime is terrible should eat some dirt!!!!! I also am in and support the LGBTQ+ community.

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Some tips that MAY help you out :)

Ok, so 1st thing that could help you-

1: your pen when you draw should have the opacity set to 100%

It should only be changed when you are working with shading.

2: To make it look nicer I always go over my brushstrokes a second time which gets rid of the white spots around the black lines

3: Only allow the "Variations" on things you want people to collaborate or edit on, otherwise people can say that it is their work; In the long run- steal your art.

Not only is this bad, but if you have a copyright on any of your characters or drawings a person could walk into illegal territory on accident if they didn't know that your character was copyrighted.

I hope these tips helped you out!!!! ♥

Hi! Im FoxyFoxUwU, YES I am a FURRY so DON'T ask. Furries ARENT cringy, YOU ARE Tongue
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Have a good day!