Luciano Pavarotti

“For Julia, I know you like his music.”
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Look legit.

And beautiful color.

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very good drawing!! I love

very good drawing!! Smile I love it Five stars

I'm Cynthia and I'm smarter than a ten year old!!! Smile where's my monkey? I want a monkey! Smile

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a big man for sure ^_^

a big man for sure ^_^

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draw and details, great lighting and shading! Smile 5 stars

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loooooooooooooooooooooooooool, biiiiig giiiiiift!

greaaaaaaaaaaaat draaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw

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...wonderful work!...excellent portrait!...


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Susie, Susie, thanks a lot!

Susie, Susie, thanks a lot! For the present! For the subject! For thinking of me! That was and is a big surprise! Thank you, my sister! And yes, you are right, I like his voice and his music! He had gold in his throat!

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Dressing Pavarotti

Excellent drawing! I like the way you dress him gradually with layers. Five stars Big smile


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Luciano Pavarotti

A wonderful draw for Julia.....Pavarotti what an incredible voice...'volare' 'o sole mio' and so many more.. Great work Susie...Five stars

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Thatsa big boy with a bigger voice ha ha. nice work, it looks just like his pic. Nice draw for (sweetpea) Julia. Music is the heartbeat of ones soul. Good job. Smile Five stars