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she cuuute

i like doom...doom is good x3

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Hi Lulu!

Nice to know you. You're cute! You like bread like me. Smile

I like how the multicolor on Lulu can blend together so well when I narrow my eyes.

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If the picture is like her...

I wanted to get more real result with multicolor. I think that specially body part is far from the real.

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I like your unique style. It's colorful and dynamic. But as you mentioned about the realistic, I may suggest something that you would have already known. If you would like to blend the multicolor then I recommend using the brush with the low opacity of color. I'm not precisely with color, so I choose the 17% opacity to blend it over and a million times...hahaha It could be a waste of color hue if I were to paint the real painting. Tongue

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Good suggestion!

Between the reality and dynamic, I think I should choose adequate opacity. Yes, and I may get more close to my thinking with a million low opacity. Thank you!

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My dog, Lulu

She is 10 years old. She was born in Japan and went to the US for 7 years . Her favorite is bread which my wife baked.