“What to draw? What to draw? Not another girl!...Copied Isao Yajima's, my favourite fashion illustrator, style. An awful copy, I know. I'm bored...”
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Good portrait, interesting

Good portrait, interesting person, a new one for me, thanks for sharing your knowledge!

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Thanks, ploiesteana!

You're welcome...although I'm NOT THAT knowledgeable...I admire different styles of drawing, that's all. Smile

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thinkin' of fashion

thinkin' of fashion illustrators, David Downton came up in my mind:)

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

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Thanks, selinadie!

I have his "Twiggy" illustration on my fave Marks & Spencer "go green" shopping bags and been wondering for the longest time who was the artist...LOVE HIS STYLE! Thanks so much! Big smile

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thank you very much for sharing this artist. I did not know Five stars Five stars Five stars Five stars Five stars

I really like the style Cool

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You're very welcome, demian!

Big smile

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