Mad as a hatter.

“Futterwacken :) Copyright Tim Burton”
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wow awesomness

Five stars great job Big smile

i like doom...doom is good x3

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Awesome drawing + movie

The movie was awesome especially in 3D but that picture looks exactly like the mad hatter Laughing out loud

Nice work.

Behold the Emo Kid who is....

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it looks exactly like him. amazing

Your face.

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Mad as a hatter

Fantastic work, Oh this is so wonderful and the detail is outstanding. This goes into my FAVS. Really an awesome draw. Smile Five stars

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Very good...

Such a great job on this. You know it is kind of funny but at first glance when I came to the gallery I though "what did I do, submit my picture again" LOL Yours is great! I really like the way you did him. Five stars

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very good

Nice depiction and actually quite a pleasant expression on his face - nice..! Five stars

Have a wonderful day!