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“Got a new tablet. Mom bought it when she saw me straining my hand to use a mouse. Its kind of easier and kind of harder to draw now. I'll finish this pic later.”
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2 Variations

2 Variations


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OMG this is amazing!

I love it! Laughing out loud Big smile


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If I were you I would take the variation off from this. If someone wanted to color it that would be great, but to just steal someones art like the other artist did...there is no excuse for that. We don't tolerate that here either. You did a wonderful job on her and and I am so happy to hear you finally got a tablet. I am tickled pink for you, you are already a good artist I can't imagine how your drawings will evolve now. Love

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The tablet takes some time to adjust to ...

... but once you do get used to it you will wonder how you managed without it. I sometimes find I have forgotten to return to my mouse for ordinary computer stuff - almost as if the stylus has attached itself to me!

Anyway I digress you appear to have adapted very well already - nice monochrome image

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AND LOOKS DRAMATIC! Laughing out loud Five stars , Five stars ..