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Wow! Cute! Maybe I should do one of rainych ran! lol

Dude why are you here... This is nothing but cringe
Legit don't bother looking at my page- Idk what the hell I was doing on this site tbh

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Mafumafu is one of my most favorite Japanese singers. He is on youtube so I highly recommend watching his videos. He sings for VOCALOID and anime openings too! He is awesome. Also, sorry for the front screen. I messed up and erased my work on accident and I almost had a heart attack ( This took 2 hours to make lol) And I was like. " Oh dear lord, pls tell me I saved at least a little' And guess what! It did! yayyyyyy. *dies* Anyway, I had to add the front screen you see before the real drawing starts because of the whole 'almost erased the whole 2 hour project' part XD Ok. Thank You for your time and please comment on how I can improve and mean comments. On another site, one of my drawings got called underrated and it made me cry so pls don't comment mean things or yell at me *bows* thank you!

>< Jeez I talk too much!

Hi! My name is Ollie and I love Cats to the very end!!! Cat songs are my favorite!!! I also like anime more than I can say! Anime is amazing!!!!! All of you who say anime is terrible should eat some dirt!!!!! I also am in and support the LGBTQ+ community.