by KO

Maggie Gyllenhaal

“A portrait of the very talented actress Maggie Gyllenhaal, I absoloutley LOVE her, So you can imagine how much it hurts to see her looking so wonky here ;P <br><br> -done in about three or so hours, And no I didn't trace it, (not that it looks like I did XI) I had a picture reference, besides the Queeky application)”
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Absolutely amazing she is NOT wonky... lol. Im a bit aggressive when it comes to ppl over criticizing themselves. Sorry!! I love her face though!!!

KO's picture

Hehe, wow thank you, don't worry, I don't beat myself up that much ;P


Giselle's picture

Absolutely beautiful draw! Keep it up KO, you have mad skills girl!

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Thank you!

I don't even know what to say Smile


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This drawing looks exactly like her. Beautiful glowing skin and hairs. Beautiful eyes.

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Thats so kind of you Smile

I love how many of the people here, are enjoying this peice, its my first real portrait. so I'm really happy with it.

Thank you


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I think she is

I think she is beautiful...and good job my friend Smile Five stars

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She is isn't she ;P

Yes, I think shes the most beautiful, and stunningly gorgeous woman out there.

Thank you for the comment, And congratulations on being the featured artist Smile


tamimapple's picture have a beautiful have a beautiful gallery on Queeky Laughing out loud ,and sorry if my english bad,I'm not good in english Smile

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Thank you so much, haha, thats okay.

Your english is understandable XD