magical trevor

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His facial expression is great! Good job Laughing out loud

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magical trev

he,s well cool. 10:)

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yeah you re right i gonna rate 10!

I don t know , some of my pic have 5,5 to Sad

i gona rate 10

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why does this have a rating of 5.5 it looks exactly like magical trevor!!!!!!!

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for my magiocal trevor lovers

im going to sing the song to you!, every one loves magical trevor cas the tricks that he does r ever so clever look at him now dissapering the cow, where is the cow hidden right now? taking a bow its magical trevor, every one sees that the trick is clever he pullls out his whip his leather leathery whip, its made of magic and with a flip hey hey hey the cow is back yeah yeah yeah the cow is back, hey hey hey the cow is back from his magical journey. and what did the cow seee form the parrellel dimensionnnnn he saw beans lots of bean saw beans lots of beans saw beans lots of beans