“For Julia”
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wow wow wow wow wow wow! i actually thought you just took a photo there! AMAZING!

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Wow...Thank you all!

When Julia sent me the picture of this flower I knew I would try to draw it. I loved the original so much. I am glad you all liked the drawing. I always have such a good time drawing flowers. Thanks again!

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full realism!

shading and lighting is wonderful!

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love it

beautiful beautiful beautiful!!!

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Wow..Stunning! a beautiful magnolia and a wonderful gift for Julia! 10

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nice flower


Drawing is about studying yourself and your target.

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I love magnolia and I am happy to see this wonderful picture! Wow

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I am smiling now...

I am so happy you like it Julia. I almost forgot to add the leaves, so I had to add them and I must have been doing that when you were commenting. I am smiling that you like this. Smile

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Wonderful present. thank you, very, very much! I can feel the love with which you have done this delicate, fine and impressive Magnolia.Thanks a lot, Kute!

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Looks good hope she will like it!!10

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