Makeshift Medallion

“Practice session from this here file
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Actually, I do have a tablet.. a simple one with a wireless pen but it does the job nicely for my needs. It only cost 60 bucks about...3 years ago? Laughing out loud

I've only ever colored in lineart so I'm not really a drawer. I may try one day but I'd likely embarrass myself. I'm used to layers and modes and overlays etc like in Gimp.

Actually, I have a teenager who wanted it for her birthday and I'm waiting to hear from her mom. I don't sell to minors, lol. Laughing out loud I have a shop on Etsy where I sell my pieces. Smile

I'm really stunned at how popular this piece has been on DA! It's a first attempt and isn't really technically for sale except the girl wanted it so badly. Smile

Thank you again for painting my piece. Of all the beautiful things on DA, I'm really surprised you picked mine! Smile I'm honored. :bow:

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for me? Nah, you shouldn't have! Love Love Love Laughing out loud Seriously though, this is beautiful! I love it and would gladly wear it (that is if it were not a drawing) Well done and straight to my favorites!

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I feel like this Basilisk

I feel like this Basilisk jewel was totally sent down by the gods to bring the community super-close together Laughing out loud

Turns out it's not just a painting but the real thing, and might even be way more affordable than you expected.

So as I was commenting on ElderArc's stuff above, if you like the jewel and the fact that it was lovingly made by Elder and lovingly painted by me, wouldn't hurt to ask for a price or make an offer, could be your very own pimped-up medallion, already with a story behind it, AND you'd prolly be helping out a struggling artist. Not pushing anyone here, but I'm just saying, I smell opportunity Smile

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Lol thanks...

Thanks for the plug! Laughing out loud

In fact, I have an entire jewel box full of pretties if people want to check them out. You can view everything I make on DA. I post more there than in my shop. Laughing out loud Mainly because a lot of my DA pieces were custom made and sold already.

Still struggling! You can definitely say 'starving artist' Laughing out loud

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There's this person on deviantart...

...that has it. See description for link, pictures and everything. Only after doing this did I notice there are several images, different angles and so on Smile

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Five stars draw,,it looks real to me,,amasing