Makeshift Medallion

“Practice session from this here file
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great detail

what is the green one?

In the land of the blind the one eyed man is king.

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you'll have to ask the owner and maker of it, elderarc. link is in the image description, along with the original image Wink

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Thank you!

I would be the person in question, lol! I made the necklace and it is named the Basilisk. Laughing out loud Thank you for painting this- It's a huge compliment!

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How cool is that...

oh yeah this is super cool that you made that necklace. Hellco is great advertisement for your jewelry. How did you know that he drew it? Have you been a member here for long? I don't remember seeing your user name here before. Small world huh? Laughing out loud

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Actually, I created a username just to reply to the comments on this painting. I didn't know he drew it until after the fact, lol! He messaged me in the comments section on my piece on DA that he had done so and provided a link to here. It's a very nice compliment! Smile Maybe I should put it in the art gallery where I display my pieces....

Thank you! It's odd that the most popular of my pieces is the one that I don't like that much. /shrug.

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Now that you are here...

you may as well stick around. I am sure you will love playing around with the drawing applet here. It is awesome. I did not notice on your DA account whether you draw or paint, just took a quick glance at the piece that was drawn. You know that is usually the way it works with art. Same thing happens to me with my paintings a lot of the time. Anyway...Welcome to Queeky!

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Thank you for the welcome!

I actually do like to digitally color in drawings but I'm afraid my drawing skills are lacking. I make jewelry most often. I haven't ever heard of this site but it looks very nice! I'm a fledgling painter and wouldn't want to put my things here for scrutiny. Laughing out loud

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Hey there :)

Very nice to have you here ElderArc, I say if you have a tablet, jump right in and draw & paint, the tribe welcomes you!

With the awesome technology on this site (meaning it records the whole thing as you paint, not just the final result) your skills will improve like you wouldn't believe!

If you don't have a graphics tablet, then let me be shocked and .. What? You DON'T HAVE a graphics tablet ? Like NONE ? Smile)

Really if you don't my money is always on the same one that I have, the Aiptek Slim. 100 bucks give or take. See my awesome professional review here Tongue

And if you don't have that 100 bucks to spend, we might be able to help there too - Is that Basilisk for sale ? I can't wear it as it's not socially acceptable these days for men to wear stuff, but at one point cutedymples was saying something about it being a nice looking piece, so yeah, I don't know I'm just saying... Laughing out loud