male eastern bluebird

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amazing work!

great! ten!

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What a cute bird. Looks like real . I hope he gona like the berries.

I can sing really well when no one is listening hehe. Smile

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Thanks very much. You are kind to say so.

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this is amazing, 10!!!!

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Thanks Janessa for your comment . I appreciate it very much. If you don't mind I would like to add you as friend.

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very beautiful!

Lovely detail of the snow on the berries!

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m e bb

Baby it's beautiful.You are a lover of birds then have u read the book "The fall of the Sparrow" by the renowned Orintologist Dr.Salim Ali?

Centum for this creation.

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Thank you Kutie. The are so pretty. I am a lover of birds.

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Really bautiful!

Wow Babs...this is great! Such a pretty little bird and the branch is beautiful as well. Nice job!

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male eastern blue bird

Thanks very much. for the appreciation for my draw.