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Seems to me...

... that it is "not only" a mandala, but something else as well... nevertheless - interesting work. Could be worth to talk deeper about...

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Tao representing opposites

Tao representing opposites with the 4 elements inside it (fire, earth, air and water), both circles are not just in black and white but the top one (yang) is the egyptian's sun symbol, while the bottom one (yin) is the moon. On the first outer ring is represented all the 7 chakras and path that dragon kundalini must do to reach the last chakra. Last ring has 12 personalities represented by the 12 astrologial signs....

I'm thinking if I should put regent planets and element symbol for each sign... what do you think?

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By the way, I don't know why,

By the way, I don't know why, but to see the mandala complete you have to watch the movie...

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To see complete...

you have to go to internet options/tools/clear temporary internet files. Everytime after you finish a picture you have to do that. Oh and this is amazing, so much detail, I really love these pictures of yours.